5 Things We Learned From The New ‘The Legend of Hercules’ Trailer

Surprise! There’s a new The Legend Of ‘Hercules’ trailer. The action-packed video features a lot of Kellan Lutz’ muscles. Like, a crazy amount. And that’s just the trailer! We took the liberty of watching this thing more than we can count. Head below for our favorite moments. And yes, they revolve around Kellan shirtless. Is it Jan. 10 yet?

#1 First off, we learn Kellan Lutz can ride a horse. Also, look at those throbbing biceps.

#2 Secondly, Gaia Weiss is one very lucky girl. Here, she’s taking her sweet time caressing Kellan’s dewy chest while putting something important around his neck.

#3 And now they’re kissing. Kellan’s soft, supple lips are all over Gaia’s. Get a room, people!

#4 Befitting a Greek demigod, Kellan spends most of the trailer (and likely the entire movie) shirtless. This guy is totally checking out his pecs.

#5 Perhaps the most important information to glean from this trailer is Kellan Lutz is one hunky hero. Let’s just take a moment to stare …

The Legend of Hercules is out Jan. 10, but you can view the full trailer below.

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