Britney Spears’ Boyfriend Didn’t Call her back for Six Hours But They’re Like Totally Fine Now

Just one week after Britney Spears declared “I’m in love,” the 32-year old singer admitted to Ellen DeGeneres that things aren’t always perfect in her new relationship with boyfriend David Lucado.

The pop star, whose new album Britney Jean is garnering mixed reviews, told Ellen that she and David Lucado had been in a “tiffy” because he forgot to call Britney back for a whopping six hours.

It seems all is forgiven though because Brit revealed, “I just love that he’s very passionate and …  he’s funny and he’s sexy and I don’t know I like him. I just … I love him.” Aww. 

Britney also explained why she decided on “Britney Jean” for her album title and why her new Vegas show will be “ideal.”

Later in the interview, Britney talks to Ellen about kissing (or not kissing as it were) Ryan Gosling when the stars both appeared in The Mickey Mouse Club.