Chris Brown Slapped With $3 Million in Damages for Allegedly Beating Up Frank Ocean’s Cousin

Chris Brown may have sought a three-month refuge in court-ordered rehab for anger management issues, but he just can’t seem to escape his violent past.

That’s because even though charges in his alleged fight with Frank Ocean were dropped earlier this year, he’s still facing a lawsuit filed by Ocean’s cousin… to the tune of $3 million big ones.

Legal docs were filed Tuesday by Sha’Keir Duarte, who’s seeking the millions for hefty medical bills as a result of the assault by the R&B singer’s entourage outside an L.A. studio in January, according to TMZ.

Duarte has claimed he suffered a concussion, humiliation and mental anguish — and he’s now spelled it out in dollar signs, including $1M for pain, suffering and inconvenience; $1M for emotional distress; $1M for punitive damages; and $60K for medical expenses.

But, as expected, Brown isn’t taking this legal fight laying down. He countersued, claiming Duarte was the one who threw the punches after instigating the brawl by threatening to kill Rihanna’s ex.