'Fast & Furious 7' Is Likely Delayed Following Paul Walker's Death

Following Paul Walker's death over the weekend, Universal Pictures executives are scrambling to decide how to move forward with the filming of Fast & Furious 7. Filming was only half complete and now the studio must decide how to move forward without one of its principal actors.

The film was planned for a July 2014 release, and was already shooting on a rushed schedule, in order to make its deadline. However, the New York Times reports that the film will likely be delayed: "To finish Fast & Furious 7 in time for a planned July 11 release, the company has been operating under an aggressive, little-room-for-delays production schedule. Filming is still only half finished, unusual for a movie of this size so close to release, and Mr. Walker played a leading role."

Another issue for filmmakers is how they should address the similarities between Walker's death and the ridiculous vehicular shenanigans in each Fast & Furious film. In fact, Walker had reportedly already filmed a public service announcement to be included on the DVD release of Fast & Furious 7, in which he said: "All the driving sequences you see in the film are done by experienced professionals on closed courses. Be safe. Drive smart. Stay legal."

So how should Universal and director James Wan's death: should he be cut from the film or should his death be written into the script? Should the filmmakers re-cast his role entirely? A lot hangs on their decision; the Fast & Furious franchise is currently Universal's most successful -- last year's installment took in nearly $800 million.



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  • Wilson Kenz
    Wilson Kenz

    I think they should have it so he chooses family life and gives up the car game to settle with his girlfriend and baby so it's a happy send off not more death!!!!

  • Jackie Kale
    Jackie Kale

    I think his death should be written in the movies after all he was part of this movie and leave what he has done and figure out the rest but don't take off what he already has done. I at least want to see him in the movie.

  • Bombay Ctown Cuervo
    Bombay Ctown Cuervo


  • Kylee Munn
    Kylee Munn

    Personally I hope they don't continue with the production of Fast & Furious 7 and the movie is never released. I love them they are my fav movies ! But the movie won't be the same without Paul Walker, as there will only ever be one Brian O'Connor.

  • Kryptic Can
    Kryptic Can

    Paul Walker is the ONLY man for the role of Brian, a recast is ridiculous. We'll miss you Paul, I've cried off and on for days now :-(