Witness at Paul Walker Crash Remembers What Happened That Fateful Day

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Jim Torp was at the tragic scene when Paul Walker and Roger Rodas got into the car that led to their fateful end.

Torp attended his friend Rodas’ toy drive last Saturday and saw Walker hop in the Porsche Carerra GT, remembers their last words and wants to put to rest any misconceptions about the events police are still investigating.

“It was a car show and everyone brought toys — $1 million worth of toys,” he told Celebuzz.

“As it was winding down, vendors were leaving, people were parking the cars in the warehouse and both of them wanted to go for a drive before parking it. Another person was going to go for a ride with Roger, but Paul decided to.

“They were laughing and having a good time,” Torp added. “Their last words were ‘we’ll be back in five minutes.’”

It’s been reported that the powerful sports car may have malfunctioned, but that’s not what Torp witnessed.

“The car wasn’t having any issues that day.

“I saw them several times going around,” he continued. “They were idling the car. They were probably talking about the car, the day’s success, how they were going to deliver all the toys. But we don’t know if Paul and Roger switched seats.

“The RPMs were going up and down, but I don’t know how fast they were going.”

Despite reports that it was a high speed race gone very bad, he says is simply not the case.

“I know they weren’t drag racing because there were highway patrolmen there to make sure no one was drag racing. But tragically it came to an end when they lost control of the car.”

When Torp heard an explosion at the top of the hill near the Valencia, Calif. warehouse of Always Evolving, Walker’s and Rodas’s car customization shop, he alerted friends and bystanders.

Eric, Paul’s stuntman, came out. I told him and everyone, ‘guys, there’s a fire. I heard a car crash.’ They heard the passion in my voice and left. His best friend Nute and Eric got in their cars and went up the hill with fire extinguishers. They were trying to get Paul and Roger out, but the car was in flames.

“Nute was hysterical and they had to calm him down because his best friend was inside. But we didn’t know who.”

Torp was with Rodas’ son and a young girl he says was Walker’s girlfriend. Fortunately, the Fast & Furious star’s 15-year-old daughter wasn’t present, according to the actor’s rep.

“Roger’s son took off with several other people. I kept her down below until I knew. She knew he was in a car accident and people took her into an office and just tried to console her.

“When Roger’s wife arrived she collapsed on the floor. Her daughter and son were screaming. No one could believe it.

“They were only gone 20 minutes.”