You Know ‘Drummer Face’? Well, Selena Gomez Has ‘Singer Face’

I mean, seriously though, drummers and their faces. Gotta love it. You also gotta love Selena Gomez’s “singer face,” which makes it look as though she’s wiggling free a loose tooth. I’m not hating; I definitely wouldn’t look better. Sing on, girlfriend!

One other thing you gotta love is today’s winning captions, which, wouldn’t you know it, you can find right after the jump.

“eww Justin’s here and i just puked in my mouth!!” – Leticia

“I just hit my tooth with this freaking mic but it’s all good. Just keeping it cool….” – Estrellita

“Every girl should have a mike made of gold or is it a Mike that gives gold? Either way, it’s all good!” – Christine

“Oh my, I have to spit, what do I do????” – Stephanie

“Raise the roof” – Amarisa

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