Cynthia Bailey Says NeNe Leakes’ Health Scare Was “A Big Wakeup Call”

Cynthia Bailey stopped by the New York Celebuzz office this week to talk about the current season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta and her new book. While she was here, I asked her how NeNe Leakes is recovering, after discovering she had blood clots in her lungs last month.

“We were just shooting a scene for Housewives not even hours before she went to the hospital,” Bailey said.

In a blog post shortly after she was hospitalized, NeNe explained that the blood clots were caused by the frequent traveling she does for work. Fortunately, Bailey says she’s feeling much better now and the two actually spent Thanksgiving together. “We feel like, as people that work all the time, we can just go get a shot or take a pill and then we’re back at work,” Bailey told Celebuzz. “It wasn’t that kind of situation. So, she had to really shut it down and get herself back together.”