Justin Bieber Gives Car Crash Victim a Night She’ll Never Forget

Okay, so Justin Bieber may show some big love for the occasional vandalism and brothel outings.

But we forget he does have a big heart underneath his more-often-than-not barely-there bare chest.

Especially when it comes to his adoring fans.

And that love runneth over in Australia yesterday when the Biebs made one girl less lonely by giving her a night she’ll never forget.

Melbourne teenager Kate O’Neill saved up for 18 months so she could go to every one of the singer’s concerts in Australia, but her hopes were dashed when she was in devastating car accident in the weeks before the show, suffering a myriad of injuries — four broken ribs, a fractured spine in three places, internal bleeding and lacerations to her kidney and liver.

And the only thing that kept her conscious was talking to her friend for 40 minutes before paramedics arrived about none other than the 19-year-old superstar.

“I remember lying there trying to stay awake and I just kept saying ‘I just want to see Justin’,” she told the Herald Sun News.

To help her recover her friends organized a Twitter campaign in the hopes it would get to the “Boyfriend” singer and he’d pay her a surprise visit.

Well, it worked… in spades.

On Tuesday, O’Neill and her family, along with a group of Belieber friends, were bussed to a secret location for a special private concert just for his No. 1 fan. Only she’s no ordinary Bieber fan, she’s the co-head of the 400-strong Melbourne Bieber Team, which fundraises for JB’s favorite charities.

Not only did she get to kiss her idol (on the cheek), but he dedicated the entire acoustic show to her, and even made O’Neill his One Less Lonely Girl.

Here are the pics:

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And the newfound lovefest continued on social media: