Legolas and Arwen Might Be Doing It

In news that would make sci-fi nerds in all of middle earth weep tears of joy, Orlando Bloom and Liv Tyler might have evolved from just friends into something much more magical.

Star magazine reports that the two have begun casually dating in the wake of Orlando and Miranda Kerr’s separation.

According to the tabloid, Orlando and Liv cozied up backstage following an opening night performance of Samuel Beckett’s Waiting For Godot at Broadway’s Cort Theatre on November 24th.

Star’s source claims, “When they got behind closed doors, they were playfully tickling, gazing into each other’s eyes and holding hands.” The flirtation allegedly continued at the show’s Bryant Park Grill after party.

Orlando’s ex Miranda was rumored to be dating Aussie billionaire James Packer, but that is apparently without merit.