Paul Walker’s Random Act of Kindness: He Bought This Couple Their Dream Wedding Ring

In the days after Paul Walker’s tragic death, the world has come to know the depth of his generosity.

Walker really did put his star power to good use. It was for the children he helped raise money and toys for this holiday season on his last day with us and volunteering his time to help in post disaster relief efforts throughout the world with his organization Reach Out Worldwide.

But there’s one couple’s lives he touched with just one random act of kindness nearly a decade ago that they won’t ever forget.

Kyle and Kristen Upham learned just recently that the Fast & Furious star was the mystery man who bought them their engagement ring nine years ago.

(Photo: CBS)

“It’s still to this day the most generous thing anyone has ever done for me,” Kristen told CBS in Los Angeles.

(Photo: CBS)

When Kyle returned from his tour of duty in Iraq in 2004, the future husband and wife went shopping for a ring in Santa Barbara, Calif., but couldn’t afford the $10,000 price tag for their dream diamond.

Walker just happened to be browsing the same store and not only overheard the couple, but struck up a telling conversation.

“I noticed there was someone else in there but didn’t give it much thought,” said Kristen. “And we started looking at rings and what not and he (Walker) kept wanting me to go bigger and I kept saying ‘no look at the prices,’” she laughed.

“And when he found out Kyle had just come back I remember seeing the look in his face, he it kind of transformed.”

Even though the Uphams walked out ringless, that was short-lived.

“One of the ladies came out holding a bag and just simply said, ‘here’s your ring’ and I think both of our mouths dropped,” she said.

Store clerk Irene King told the story of Walker’s generosity when she heard of his death so people understood his giving and charitable heart: “He called the manager and he said, ‘Umm, the ring that those people are looking at — put it on my tab,’” King said. “Soon after that, he just left.

“To do something like that to a perfect stranger is just unbelievable.”