Kevin Hart Loves Beyoncé as Much as the Rest of Us Do, Apparently

I saw Beyoncé live earlier this year, so I understand your excitement, Kevin Hart. I really and truly do. Bow down to the queen. Speaking of excitement, it’s time for me to share today’s winning captions!

“Hercules, Hercules, hercules!” – Nicollette

“‘Beyonce!!!! I luh youuuuu!!! Ohh you see Beyonce baby? She looked right at me!! I luh you Beyonce!!!’ In his high pitch Kevin heart voice!!” – Lynnette

“Who run the world? WORD! ” – Jackie


“You Keep Dancing In Front Of Me Like That You Are Going To Learn Today” – BrownEyed ShoeLover

“I’m bout to climb that tree .. Give me a boost Jay z ….. I’m bout to put the paws on that!” – Lily

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