NEW PICS: Warhol’s Mysterious Kim Kardashian Paintings Revealed

Well, Andy Warhol’s cousin sure did paint Kim Kardashian like she previously told us.

But the question remains, did Kanye West really commission Monica Warhol to immortalize his famous fiancé?

According to Warhol herself (who paints similar screen prints to her iconic relative who she never met or studied), she’s standing by her story that someone from West’s camp called her people to request the artwork and even sent a photo inspiration.

“That’s what I was told. From what I understand this was from Kanye,” Warhol told CB! “It’s a relative or a close friend of the family. Kanye’s people commissioned a portrait.”

Now that the cat’s out of the bag, the reality star’s peeps apparently told TMZ they have no idea who this Warhol is.

And she has an explanation for that.

“I feel bad because it’s a gift. All I know is it was obviously a surprise,” Warhol said of the nine-piece collection of the reality star.

“I didn’t say I knew Kim or Kanye. I’m commissioned for what I’m commissioned for. I don’t ask questions.”

And if Kimye doesn’t like her stoke of painting genius, she’ll (of course) be happy to paint another… this time, even with a much smaller subject.

“I’m very pleased with my work. If Kim and Kanye don’t like the painting once they get it, I’ll paint something else,” she said.

“I’d love to paint the baby [North]! I haven’t even done portraits of my own kids.”

For now, West can feast his eyes on the many faces of his bride-to-be: