Sam Lutfi Claims These Troubled Texts Are From Britney Spears

Remember Sam Lutfi, the former paparazzo who claimed Britney Spears had verbally made him her manager and then sued her family for libel and breach of contract? Well, he’s letting his mouth run again.

This week, Brit’s ex pal tweeted screenshots of several troubling texts that he claims were sent to him by Spears back when she was struggling with personal problems around 2007 and 2008.

In the texts, Spears allegedly wrote to Lutfi about her father, Jamie, looking through her messages and how she couldn’t reciprocate the romantic feelings her then-agent — and now ex-fianceJason Trawick had for her.

Since Lutfi’s images surfaced, many of Spears’ fans accused the ex-photographer of exploiting the singer’s infamous breakdown. Some Twitter users even pointed out that the texts were green — indicating they were outgoing messages on an iPhone — and faked by Lutfi.

In January 2009, Spears and her father obtained a restraining order against Lutfi, Spears’ ex-boyfriend Adnan Ghalib and attorney Jon Eardle — all of whom had been accused of conspiring to gain control of Spears’ affairs and estate. The restraining order forbid Lutfi and Ghalib from contacting Spears or coming within 250 yards of her, her property or family members.

In 2012, a judge dismissed Lutfi’s lawsuit against the Spears family.