‘The Legend of Hercules’: 7 Things We Learned From Behind The Scenes

To celebrate the unleashing of The Legend of Hercules on Jan. 10, we visited the cast and crew in Bulgaria to get the facts behind our favorite shirtless, sculpted Greek demigod. For the lowdown on leading man Kellan Lutz and just how many pounds he packed on to transform from man into god (as the story goes), in addition to a few other facts that will absolutely blow your mind, check out the list below.

1. Director Renny Harlin envisioned Kellan Lutz as Hercules from the start, and it wasn’t just because of his rock-hard physique. It was passion, obvi.

2. In order to properly play the Greek demigod, Kellan reportedly packed on 20 pounds of muscle. And it shows. Just look at those rippling washboard abs and bulging biceps. You might want to wipe up that drool.

3. Believe it or not, Kellan is as fearless as his on-screen character. He did is own stunts for the blockbuster, which included close combat and horse riding … and sometimes both simultaneously.

4. The breakout action star reportedly spent hours in sword training every day to convincingly handle his character. If there’s one skill he can take away from filming The Legend of Hercules, it’s wielding a sword … in full gladiator garb.

5. The wardrobe team are kind of perfectionists. Apparently they created molds specific to each actor in order to ensure that the helmets absolutely fit.

6. Fun Fact: According to the film’s producers, Sofia, Bulgaria is the birthplace of Hercules himself.

7. While filming the action flick in Bulgaria, Kellan Lutz reportedly spread the word via his Facebook page about Animal Rescue Sofia, a local no-kill animal shelter in danger of losing its funding. As if we weren’t already swooning over the guy.

The Legend of Hercules is out in theaters Jan. 10. Check out the latest trailer, and get all the exclusive details on the anticipated blockbuster.