‘Sound of Music’ Star Slams Carrie Underwood Remake, Beyonce Meme Takes Over The Web, Lady Gaga Pulls a Boy George: A Roundup

Sound of Music Star Says Carrie Underwood Remake was “Disappointing”

What does the actress who starred in the original Sound of Music think about NBC’s remake? Get the scoop on Us Weekly.

Beyonce Meme Takes Over The Web

Even someone as fierce as Beyonce isn’t immune to the occasional bad photo. See the hilarious meme that has caught fire on the web on Huffington Post.

Lady Gaga’s Outfits Keep Getting Weirder

The pop star has always been known for her eccentric fashion taste, but this newest outfit might just be the strangest of them all. See Gaga’s outrageous look on The Frisky.

Paris Hilton’s Brother Accuses Lindsay Lohan of Ordering an Attack on Him

Word has it that Barron Hilton offended the actress at a recent party and she retaliated by ordering her bulky body guard to pummel him into a pulp. TMZ has the full story.

This Video of Channing Tatum, Bradley Cooper and the Cutest Toddler Ever Wins at Life

Warning: The following video is so cute it may cause squealing, tummy flips, cardiac arrest and spontaneous “Awws.” Watch the heart-warming video with caution on Gossip Cop.

Pamela Anderson Goes Brunette

Former Baywatch star has ditched her famous for her Malibu Barbie blonde locks for a brunette pixie cut. Don’t believe it? See shocking photos of her new look on TooFab.