Dad of Teenager Arrested for Allegedly Stealing Part of Paul Walker’s Crash Wreckage: “He Owes That Family a Huge Apology”

The teenager arrested Thursday for allegedly stealing wreckage from the Porsche that Paul Walker tragically perished in is not only facing some serious allegations from police, but he isn’t getting sympathy — even from his father.

David Witty has compassion for the families who suffered such a tremendous loss last Saturday when the Fast & Furious star and his business partner, Roger Rodas, were killed when their car crashed into a light pole and a tree and caught on fire.

He believes his 18-year-old son owes those grieving more than just an apology.

“I’d be very upset,” David told Celebuzz. “I can’t imagine how they feel about it. It must look like they were trying to capitalize on his death.

“My son owes that family a huge apology and some kind of compensation with some sort of offering to do something decent. He’s going to have to fall on his sword.”

According to reports, Jameson and a companion were stopped at a light alongside the tow truck transporting the Porsche Carrera GT when they snatched the T-top roof panel.

And Jameson had the bright idea of posting his crime on Instagram:  “Piece of Paul walkers car, took it off a tow truck at a stop light,” he wrote.

“He exposed himself for having done it. He posted a piece, like ‘look what we got,’” said his father.

(Photo: Instagram)

“He’s really a good kid who did a stupid, thoughtless act,” his dad added.

David explained that he and his wife went to the sheriff’s station yesterday where they were filled in on all the details of the alleged incident, but won’t be able to see their son to get his story until Friday.

“[Police] had actually called us from our house where they found him [Jameson]. They were looking for the part and didn’t find it.”

Although police have yet to release his accomplice’s name, according to David, his son’s partner in crime is 25-year-old Anthony Janow.

“It [the car part] was actually in Canyon Country at Anthony Janow’s house, the guy my son was with in the car.

“I spoke with friends of Jameson who knew what happened. And they told me Jameson was with Anthony,” said David.

“He’s a low level pro skateboarder in Florida. He was out of state so it’s my understanding they’re negotiating his arrest.”

“Anthony has been influencing Jameson for years. He looks at him as a big brother, mentor-type and my wife and I have been trying to pry those two apart.

“Anthony has always been a bad influence and what happened Saturday is a perfect example. They were in Anthony’s car and Jameson was in the passenger seat.”

As of now, Jameson is being held on $20,000 bail and is still behind bars.

“We are going to visit him in jail today to see what he has to say for himself. I hope a night in jail has knocked some sense into him,” added his father. “I don’t understand why they thought this was a good idea, even if it wasn’t a situation that involved Paul Walker.

“It appears to me that my son was also a big fan of Paul’s. I think he probably thought it was something no one cared about because it was a piece of wrecked metal,” he continued. “But under the circumstances it was just dumb. I don’t want to make excuses, but he is an impulsive teenage boy. He’s not a criminal. He’s a nice kid with a very bad friend.”

David is the first to say that he doesn’t want his son’s reckless behavior to cast a dark shadow over Walker’s memory.

“I didn’t know Paul, but he seemed like a decent person and even when he wasn’t acting on screen he probably was a very decent person,” he said. “So to do anything derogatory to him is unconscionable.”

Calls to the Santa Clarita police have yet to be returned.