Spencer Pratt Misses ‘The Hills’ Because They Let Him Eat for Free

We’re all looking forward to Monday’s After Shock: Heidi & Spencer, but probably not as much as Heidi and Spencer themselves.

The world’s most vile couple has been making the most out of their press tour, giving out little crumbs ahead of their E! special, airing December 9th at 10pm.

Montag revealed that she and newly engaged Lauren Conrad kept in touch a bit after The Hills ended, but it was only to catch up a bit.

She’s been very sweet,” Montag said, according to E!.  “I do really appreciate everything that she’s done for me and I’ll always have such great memories about her and, you know, without her I wouldn’t have any of the world that I have today or my husband,” Montag said. “It’s unfortunate things happened the way that it did, but we’re both different people now, older and more mature.”

Besides the everlasting friendships, what do Montag and Pratt miss most about the show?

“In general, besides the finances, not much,” Montag said.

“I miss always going to a restaurant and ordering up as much as I want and [MTV is] paying for it,” Spez chimed in. “They wouldn’t pay for liquor because it was a legal issue. I would try to order a bottle of expensive wine but then I would get billed later and it was like, ‘Damn, I didn’t get it!’ The free meals were a lot of fun because I like to eat a lot.”