Justin Bieber’s Bodyguard Is Accused of Throwing an Australian Man Down Some Hotel Stairs

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Justin Bieber’s bodyguards are getting into some drama Down Under.

According to reports in Perth, Australia, a member of the 19-year-old’s entourage got a little too handsy with a fan, so much so, the man ended up getting tossed down a flight of hotel stairs.

The incident apparently went down at the Hyatt Hotel in Adelaide Terrace where a family of five had hoped to meet the pop star when things went awry.

According to a witness, the family walked into the pool area and seconds later “hysterical screaming” ensued.

“They walked in and were told not to approach Justin Bieber,” eyewitness Trisha Horsham said. “Apparently the man said, ‘Hey mate, don’t speak to my daughters like that.’”

Then it got really out of hand when the bodyguard allegedly threw him out the door and pushed the mother.

“One of the daughters was on the floor hyperventilating. Then the mother started having a panic attack,” said Horsham, who was supposedly within 30 feet of the throw-down.

When paramedics and police got to the scene, the member of Biebs’ team was escorted out by police.

Although JB’s security detail is no stranger to run-ins and handcuffs, Western Australian Police told TMZ they are not aware of any such incident.

This is just another headline in the “Boyfriend” crooner’s controversial world tour filled with graffiti fines and loose-lipped party girls. Not to mention, his fair share of bad publicity in Oz alone after a video surfaced of one of his bodyguards threatening to slash a pap’s tires in Sydney, while another Bieber pal was caught with weed during a security check at a Brisbane airport.

Watch the Biebs’ alleged bodyguard and the Australian paparazzo get into a war of words in the video below.