Kate Middleton Wept For Nelson Mandela Following Royal Premiere

About fifteen minutes before Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom ended on December 5th, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were told that the former South African president had died.

Kate was very emotional, she was in tears and very moved by the events. We all were,” producer Harvey Weinstein said, according to Katie Nicholl.

‘There is nothing to describe the momentousness of what happened. The Duke and Duchess handled themselves very elegantly.”

Prince William remained dignified despite the news, given his love for the continent and the work that he does there to preserve wildlife.

“I spoke to them downstairs in the foyer after the movie,” Weinstein added.  “William was deeply touched by the news, you could see it in his face, but he was being very courageous.”

According to Nicholl, it’s understood that a royal protection officer told Catherine’s private secretary, Rebecca Deacon, who relayed the news to the Duchess.

“William and Kate said they wanted to watch the movie and stayed until the end,” Weinstein said. “We all did. It seemed the right thing to do.”

Immediately after giving his statement, William left the premiere with Catherine.  An afterparty was cancelled out of respect for the circumstance.