Lindsay Lohan’s Not Being Investigated In Barron Hilton’s Bizarre Alleged Assault, Say Police

The events surrounding Barron Hilton’s alleged assault just keep getting weirder.

Despite reports Ray Lemoine threw the punches and an arrest should be made soon, police have no suspect and Lindsay Lohan is not part of any investigation, Miami police tell Celebuzz.

“I wish there was an arrest imminent because we can arrest someone,” Srgt. Bobby Hernandez told CB!

“We don’t know who we are arresting. We have to speak to him [Barron] first, and positively identify a subject. We do not have a subject identified at all. We can bring a victim in so he can positively ID them or he can tell us who it is, but nothing has happened.”

“And we are not investigating Lindsay Lohan at all,” he added. “Lindsay Lohan’s name was never mention. If she had orchestrated it, we would have been told. And we didn’t receive that information on the scene.”

LiLo’s name has been mentioned in connection to the alleged assault against Paris Hilton’s brother as provoking the attack during an after party at a Miami mansion on swanky Star Island last Friday.

But when police arrived, LiLo was also not brought up, and Barron and the witnesses could not ID an attacker. The young hotel heir didn’t want any police assistance, either.

According to the police report obtained by CB!, a vague description was given of a possible suspect — 25 to 30-year-old white male, American, 160-180 pounds with brown hair in a navy dress shirt and blue jeans who fled in a green sport utility vehicle. One witness alleges this mysterious suspect struck Barron in the face with an object after a verbal argument, causing deep lacerations on his forehead and nose area.

(Barron posted a vivid pic of his injuries. Photo: Instagram)

“He [Barron] refused any medical assistance,” Hernandez said. “He refused any crime scene pictures. We went to scene with detectives to interview him to see if they could get more information, but he fled. He did the [initial] report and moved on.

“When police cleared the scene and detectives arrived to ask more questions, he didn’t wait to meet with them. Victims all act differently, but it is a little bizarre,” Hernandez added.

According to police, detectives have also tried to reach the 19-year-old Hilton since Dec. 6, but he hasn’t returned any phone calls.

And so the mystery continues…

Click on the CB! gallery below to see exclusive pics of the mansion where the alleged assault took place.