Paris Hilton Makes Sure Everyone Knows How Much She Misses Paul Walker

Update 2:17 pm: A source tells TooFab that Hilton had nothing to do with the banner from yesterday.  A rabid Hilton fan, who sent a plane flying over Malibu with a message for the heiress a few weeks back, may be behind this as well.

Can’t get Paris Whitney Hilton out of my mind!,” the banner read.  “Mr. and Mrs. Hilton, may I court your daughter, Paris?”

Last week, Hilton was the victim of a hoax when tweet of her confusing Nelson Mandela with Martin Luther King Jr. went viral.

Whoever made that stupid fake tweet lacks respect to the loss the world is mourning right now,” she wrote. “Same goes for all the blogs who ran with it.”


Yesterday, Paris Hilton flew a massive, 70-foot banner over Paul Walker’s fan memorial in Valencia, CA.

While thousands signed a massive poster dedicated to Walker and his friend, Richard Rodas, a plane above carried the message, “R.I.P. God Be With Fast & Furious Star Paul Walker #269.  Our Hearts Go Out To His Friends & Family – [Heart] #17 Paris Hilton.”

According to the Mirror, fans were hardly touched by the obnoxious gesture.

I’m in shock,” someone tweeted.  “Is this an actual joke? How tasteless for someone in her position to do something like this.”

While that happened, Hilton defended her brother, Baron, who was beaten up at a Miami party over the weekend.  There are several conflicting stories about what happened (one of which implicates Lindsay Lohan), but Ray LeMoine alleges that he attacked the 24-year-old after Hilton refused to leave his bash.

“Bad things happen when you hang out with bad people,” Nicky Hilton tweeted after the incident (which Paris retweeted).