Reliving Heidi & Spencer’s Career Plummet on ‘After Shock’

Hokay, the E! special on Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag was something else.  Speidi showed remorse for the tom foolery they took part in since season two of The Hills (I miss Jordan), and one fears they are jonesin’ for another reality show.

After Shock: Heidi & Spencer took a one-hour look at the couple’s more reclusive life in Santa Barbara.  They commute to Los Angeles a few times a week, where Pratt matriculates at USC and trains with MMA fighter Kevin Casey.

I was expecting more of a “Where Are They Now” angle, but E! was clever enough to edit the special with reality TV moments like the pumpkin patch scene (Heidi wants a baby.  Spencer makes her cry) and the farmer’s market (Spencer atones for his meaniness, Heidi gingerly drags him to the sprouts tent).  Ten minutes before the special ends, Montag asks her husband whether or not he’d return to reality tv.  The answer is a kinda/sorta “yes,” but it would have to be on his terms, according to Pratt.  No, sir.  It will be on a network’s terms.

Ah, and who could forget Jen Bunney’s cameo.  She who smooched Brody Jenner and pissed off Lauren Conrad, then desperately tried (and failed) to make amends.  Bunney is currently Montag’s one and only friend (Pratt wins because he has two: Casey and “Uncle Scotty”).  Bunney was most likely cast to inquire about the burning questions like: “Do you regret doing The Hills” and “Should I have gone back to Brody’s place that night?”

Will E! make Speidi’s wish come true and grant them a reality show?  Or will their fate lie in the hands of Heidi’s Closet, lingerie for those who don’t mind if their garments go up in flames?