The Celeb Games: And Your Victor Is…

16 celebrities entered the arena. Only one survived.

The Final Round of The Celeb Games is over, and now it is time for us to announce the winner. So, who survived? Is it Britney Spears, Queen of Pop? Or is it Britney’s former Mouseketeer friend and sexiest man alive, Ryan Gosling? Your Celeb Games victor is…

I mean, DUH. Could it have ended up any other way?


Britney is The Girl on Fire…

… setting fire to your favs’ chances, not that they ever had any:

It doesn’t even matter that Ryan Gosling was beating her until the last minute. It was all part of Queen Britney’s plan to make her inevitable victory seem even sweeter.

Dear Other Tributes, how are you feeling?

That about sums it up, Gaga.

Britney, how did you manage this incredible victory? Is it because you are a flawless angel imbued with the power of All Things Beautiful and Pure, sent from Heaven in order to cleanse the world of all ugliness and pain?

Let’s be real here: Britney wins everything. Never forget your place.

Congrats Britney and Britney Army!

And a huge THANK YOU to everyone voted in our Celeb Games tournament. We had a blast, and we hope you did too!

Take a look back and trace Britney’s path to victory with the complete bracket. Click to enlarge.