Justin Bieber May Have Called a Fan a ‘Beached Whale’

What a jerk. According to the Daily Mail, Justin Bieber freely insulted a young woman sunbathing by the pool at the Hyatt Regency in Perth, Australia.

The site claims Bieber noticed four young women in bikinis lounging by the pool, and said to one of them, ‘What are you, Hawaiian or something?’ When the young girls said, ‘No,”I’m not.’ Justin reportedly remarked, ‘You look like a beached whale!’ Understandably, the insulted lady couldn’t believe that Justin was serious, but when he suggested she go on the TV show The Biggest Loser, it appeared he wasn’t joking.

Whether or not this particular incident actually happened, the Biebs has had his share of controversy while performing the last few shows of his Believe tour in Australia. First, there was all that graffiti nonsense, and most recently one of his bodyguards was accused of throwing a man down the stairs. Perhaps the 19-year old “Confident” singer needs to take some time to regroup, reassess, and re-charge now that his tour is over.