Lea Michele Releases First Single, ‘Cannonball’ – LISTEN

Glee fans get ready to rejoice! Lea Michele has finally released her first single entitled “Cannonball,” from her forthcoming album Louder.

The upbeat and vocally impressive song with will fit right in with current Top 40 radio, and was written by the amazing Sia

“And now I will start living / Today, today, today,” Michele ingratiatingly vocalizes in the new emotionally-charged pop anthem. (Full lyrics are now at Directlyrics.)

“I’ll fly, I’ll fly, I’ll fly / Like a cannonball,” Michele passionately sings in the chorus of the catchy tune. Listen to the song below.

The track-list for Louder has also been released as well.

1. Cannonball

2. On My Way

3. Burn With You

4. Battlefield

5. You’re Mine

6. Thousand Needles

7. Louder

8. Cue The Rain

9. Don’t Let Go

10. Empty Handed

11. If You Say So

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