And This Is What a Night Out With Nicki Minaj Looks Like

Nicki Minaj’s Big Night Out, A Children’s Book: coming soon to a Barnes and Noble near you. Buy now and get Nicki’s new album, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded: Revenge of the Black Barbie: The Re-Up: My Boobs Are a Cake for free. It’s win-win. Also win-win? Reading today’s winning captions and laughing until you die.

“I know there is some change for the meter somewhere in here” – Al

“Is that my jacket or his?” – Erica

“That nicca better not drop my $100,000.00 jacket or ima knock that kandy Kane down his tall throat!” – Rasheeda

“what’s he doing in my clothes?” – Storme

“Yo, I’m taking this bitch to the Pawn shop and making me some money” – Monica

“Shes looking at his other candy cane” – Jessica

“You can’t pay the meter with my jacket bro!” – Lauren

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