Did Ryan Gosling Go Under the Knife? Blogger Claims RyGos Got a Nose Job

File this under total rumor, but we’re intrigued. Michelle Villett, the founder and editor of beautyeditor.ca dug up some old photos of the most beautiful man in the world Ryan Gosling and thinks perhaps his nose wasn’t always as perfect as the rest of him. Is this possible? Let’s take a closer look, shall we.

So, the Gos came on the scene at a young age, which is great because early photos of his hotness (is that creepy? Yes, it is, sorry) are aplenty. The site claiming RyGos may be slightly more “Hollywood” than previously thought, used a “Before” photo from the Hercules era circa 1999, so we shall do the same.

Mmhmm, uh-huh, okay. I see a strapping, if slightly too-blonde 19-year old actor really taking his role of young warrior seriously. And sure, he’s got a bit of a Roman Nose, one that suits him quite well I might add. We see no need for alteration. Alas, here he is in 2001 at The Sundance Film Festival for his film The Believer.

I don’t know. Maybe? Does the bridge look slightly more refined? I suppose but maybe it’s just shadows and trickery. Let’s look at the present-day actual Sexiest Man Alive.

Hmm. I don’t know. Looks the same to me. Conclusion: Michelle Villets just wanted an excuse to post photos of Ryan Gosling because we haven’t seen him in a while and we miss him dearly. We totally get it.

RyGos: wherefore art thou?