Just How Long Will Adam Lambert's 'Glee' Stint Last?

Adam Lambert Glee
Adam Lambert has bringing some much needed light to Glee this season, but just how long is he going to be sticking around on the FOX musical series?

Adam chatted with E! News at the recent TrevorLive event in Hollywood. "I'm having a good time popping in here and there because I have a lot of other stuff in the mix right now." 

As for how many episodes he'll appear in is "all up in the air," Lambert said.

As for what he's gotten from being on Glee, he said, "I've been learning a lot. I hope that people love what we're doing."

Lambert wouldn't mind if the Fox show leads to more acting jobs. "If there's anybody out there who thinks they like what they see then maybe I'll get another gig," he said.

What I'm looking forward to this season on Glee is this:




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  • Love Adam
    Love Adam

    I thought, Adam is perfect. I enjoyed him with queen ang glee, I'm really supporting Adam on glee and gig:)

  • Lim Sovita
    Lim Sovita

    I always supported Adam for the performanced

  • Bebe Adam
    Bebe Adam

    I still love Adam lambert and Queen performed together

  • Sherry Sullivan
    Sherry Sullivan

    If Adam doesn't get more acting gigs then it's because of his orientation. The man is a natural at acting and has been doing it since age 10. He's proved it more than a few times on Glee, Vh1 Divas, and in interviews.