Pauly D’s Baby Mama Likes to Wear Lingerie on Motorcycles

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Now, that says class all the way.

No, it’s not Halloween, Pauly D’s baby mama Amanda Markert just prefers to dress up in a lace bustier, black thong, rhinestone necklace and we can’t overlook the blinged out belly button ring and fake tan for a motorcycle joy ride.

And if you think the get-up is a little stripper-esque… well, there’s a reason for that.

According to a source close to the former Hooters girl, who after a one night stand with the Jersey Shore star had an adorable baby girl named Amabella, worked at a gentleman’s club as an entertainer — despite her public protest to the contrary.

“She was stripping for a while,” a source close to the 26-year-old New Jersey native told Celebuzz.

According to the source, the locale was Cheerleaders in Philadelphia, which could not verify Markert worked there because its records do not go back that far. But to be fair, this establishment is a bikini bar (a.k.a. bra tops and thongs allowed. So her barely-there outfit in the photo would suffice just fine.)

And yes, everyone, if he looks familiar, that’s Lance Gerbino in the pic — Markert’s other baby daddy — circa about four years ago, when they lived together and took care of their little boy when she’d work at night.

“She was completely open about it,” added the source. “She’d say to people ‘look at how much I made tonight.’ Thousands a night. She was there at least a year or two.”

“She was definitely not a waitress. She’d tell stories of being in the lap dance room and guys would touch her and she’d kick them to get them to back off.”

In fact, the gig was actually a fall-back plan when Hooters apparently didn’t work out.

“Her ex-boyfriend was seeing another girl at Hooters and Amanda got mad and stole her cell phone and got fired. So she had to find another job.”

As CB! previously reported, the reality star-turned-DJ is in the middle of a custody battle with his baby mama and only recently met his six-month-old baby girl for the first time.

Markert’s lawyer previously told TMZ that his client has never been a stripper, adding “Amanda is an extremely wholesome young lady who is goal oriented.”

We know what you’re thinking, this pic screams wholesome.