The Elf on the Shelf Goes All Miley Cyrus on Us and Other Funny Things

In honor of today’s Celebrity Meme Roundup, I’ve written a little jingle which you can download for free at nowhere. Here it is:

Deck the LOLs with memes so funny


You’re probably wondering, “Why is he writing for this celebrity entertainment website when so clearly his true calling is #1 songwriter in the history of the world?” Thank you; I wonder that myself. Anyway, today’s roundup of all things funny is pretty much the best gift ever given. We start with Elf on the Shelf: The 2013 Pop Culture Edition. (CLICK THAT LINK AND SEE MORE!)  As for the rest of it, it’s pretty darn good, but you don’t have to take my word for it.

Here are a few more pop culture Elves on Shelves. Check NickMom even for more.

How about this sequel to a holiday classic that nobody asked for?

Someone took this picture of a cat:

The internet loves cats (didja know?), and so it inserted kitty into scenes from your favorite movies:

Everybody mishears song lyrics now and again. Some mishear them worse than others:

IN CONCLUSION, everyone go see this movie this holiday season:

To take us out, here’s another song I wrote, just for you:

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle GO AWAY!