From Kate’s Scary Portrait to Prince George’s Birth: 2013’s Top Royal Moments

Royal watchers thought nothing could top the events of 2012, but 2013 brought the kind of happy news to trump any other banner year.  Prince George’s birth was anticipated long before an announcement was made in December 2012, and the “Great Kate Wait” of summer 2013 sent a massive wave of excitement through the United Kingdom and around the globe.

Not since William and Catherine’s royal wedding was there such an elated feeling, with crowds in London cheering after learning that the couple had a healthy baby boy.  Outlets around the world stopped regular programming to optimize coverage, with lower thirds covered in baby blue and declaring “It’s A Boy!”

Alas, this was not the only memorable occasion from 2013.  There were smaller events that caught our attention, as well as Kate sightings that made some gasp (grey hair, flat tummy, skinny legs).

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