Miley Cyrus Exposed Herself For Christmas And Nipple Equality

A Very Miley Cyrus Christmas Card
It appears the Miley Cyrus is a feminist, y'all. She showed off the goods yesterday in support of a campaign that wants you to Free the Nipple. Get into it.

If you haven't heard, Free the Nipple is a grassroots movement that makes an argument that America is behind the times when it comes to public nudity. The question they want answered is why men are allowed to go topless any day of the week when their female counterparts would be arrested for indecency.

In an effort to gain awareness for the cause, Miley posted the playful Christmas card on Twitter yesterday.

She also argued that this fight isn't just about being naked for the sake of being naked.  



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  • ginjaninja88

    I've agreed my entire life, we should be able to rock topless just like guys. A lot of men have bigger tits than me, let's be honest...but come on Miley, spread your message with some class.

  • Leonard Brown
    Leonard Brown

    Miley Cyrus did NOT expose herself for Christmas or for Nipple Equality (whatever contrived nonsense that is). Mere self-promotion. And the media is complicit. Crass immorality is the new "If it bleeds, it leads" of yesteryears' newspaper editors. Startling resemblance between Miley Succubus Cyrus and Justin Bilbo Biggins Bieber isn't there?

  • Laura Hughes
    Laura Hughes

    You know my daughter loved her so much that they changed their names to Miley and Hanna. A decision I am furious about! Whether she likes it, or knows it, or not, she is a role model for some impressionable young girls. I do NOT want my daughters acting like this. She needs to grow up and start acting like a lady instead of trash! REALLY!

  • Nicole Marie Krueger
    Nicole Marie Krueger

    get your boobs done miley