12 Days of Celebmas: 3 Boob Jobs

Best of 2013: Farrah Abraham, Courtney Stodden and Heidi Montag's boob jobs

Welcome to Day 3 of CELEBUZZ's 12 Days of Celebmas, toasting the year's biggest headlines.

Today is about boobs and the surgeries they underwent to "improve" their health and appearance.

Mother-Of-The-Year candidate Farrah Abraham enhanced her C-cups to a D in June.  She also made a sex tape (which she at first denied was a sex tape) with pseudo-boyfriend James Deen.  Despite claiming to have made $1 million on the tape, the payout was actually far less.

In reality she (Abraham) got $10,000 upfront and 30 percent of sales, minus the cost of production," a source told Reality Tea. “The entire celebrity sex video genre is a lot of unsubstantiated marketing with very little truth behind it…. It’s all publicity. It’s all hype.”

Meanwhile, Courtney Stodden wanted news boobs because brassieres suck.

"I didn't want to have to use a bra to be a DD," Stodden told CELEBUZZ after surgery.  "I like the size and the shape for my body. I thought 'why should I have to depend on the bra to be the size I want.'"

Stodden and her new boobs then split from 53-year-old husband Doug Hutchison.

And what's a good breast story without Heidi Montag's reduction, stemming from the 10 surgeries she had in 2009.  Montag talked about going from F to a C in E!'s special, After Shock: Heidi & Spencer, telling the camera that no one had prepared her for the painful recovery.

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