Presenting the New Spokeswoman for Vaseline: Beyoncé

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“Pretty Hurts,” according to Beyoncé, but she makes the pain look so good. Speaking of so-good-it-hurts, check out today’s winning captions.

“bow down or ima take ma grill out and start slappin some b¡#*+s” – Savannah

“Damn it J…..I set these waxing appointments up and he never goes….this pullin hairs out my teeth is getting old!!!” – Anne

“‘Cause if you like it, You should’ve put Vaseline on it! ” – Cynthia

“I got to go to the Dentist to get a check up (on it)” – Melissa

“Can somebody get me a toothpick please?” – Temmy

” If You not whitening, u are yellowing” – Orsolya

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H/T: The Frisky