Dylan Sprouse Admits Those Are His Nude Pics: “Whoops, Guess I’m Not 14 Anymore”

Former Disney star Dylan Sprouse pulled a Carlos Danger over the weekend, accidentally tweeting out two racy images of himself. In the first, Sprouse, who is now 21, is wearing only a pair of boxers. In the second, the Suite Life of Zack & Cody star is fully naked, his Big Daddy (if you know what I mean) is covered by his hand. “Whoops,” Sprouse tweeted immediately after he realized what he’d done. “Guess I’m not 14 and fat anymore.”

Sprouse, who grew up performing alongside his twin brother Cole, is now a student at New York University and a video game designer. He continued to joke on his Tumblr that “[n]ow would probably be a bad time to add a ‘face’ page.”

Dylan Sprouse accidentally tweeted two racy pictures of himself.

Following the embarrassing incident, Dylan’s twin brother Cole couldn’t help but teasing Dylan:

Classic brother stuff.