Katy Perry Was Caught Lip Synching at an Awards Show

Katy Perry suffered an incredibly awkward moment over the weekend at the NRJ Music Awards in Cannes, France. She was on stage to perform "Roar," except the backing track started without her and things only get worse from there. Closeup shots show that Perry is clearly out-of-synch with the track and then the show's host barges on stage to stop the performance altogether. "If you don't mind, we can restart," he says. "What do you think?" She goes again, this time singing live apparently.

The NRJ Awards later issued an apology to the songstress, reading:

Katy Perry was singing live at the NRJ Awards Saturday night in Cannes, but regrettably the wrong mix has been played accidentally which over-rode Katy's live vocal feed on-air at the beginning of her performance of "Roar." TF1 & NRJ would like to apologize to NRJ double award winner Katy Perry for this technical problem beyond our control.
The night wasn't all bad for Perry, who took home awards for International Female Artist of the Year and International Song of the Year (for "Roar"). At least she handled the embarrassment like a pro?


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  • Elizabeth Aspen
    Elizabeth Aspen

    And THAT is exactly the reason that music today is in the sorry state that it's in. People who can't sing, can't play an instrument, getting paid millions to stand there and lip sync and shake their asses. That GOD I don't listen to any of this Katy Perry/Beyonce/Rihanna shit! Sarah McLachlan's new album comes out in April and I can't wait to get it. There's a TRUE artist, even if the dumbass masses are too ignorant to notice.

  • swiftie1311

    She never lip-synced, she started the song from the start and the backing track was faster, she didn't join in with the track she started from the beginning which she missed because it was to fast :)