Queen Bees and Wannabes: A Royal Celebration Featuring Taylor Swift and Lorde

Taylor Swift has, apparently, the exact kind of birthday parties you would expect her to have — who brought the finger sandwiches?!? — though, to be fair, I never pictured Lorde as a guest, considering her past remarks. With regard to remarks aimed at T.Swift, please enjoy today’s winning captions.

“Taylor Swift and the “Rebound” Girls. Ready for any break up.” – Jen

Taylor: Make sure my pose is perfect, my next boyfriend may be looking at this photo!” – Ntsako

“Lorde: what the hell am I doing here with all those tarts?” – Sophie

“Taylor: ‘This is all about me, as usual.'” – Annette

“Girls just wanna have FUN!!! and cocktails” – Lisa

“Pretty little liars” – Jocelyn

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