Is Lindsay Lohan Heading Back Into the Studio?

Lohan in 'Liz & Dick'
Lindsay Lohan channels Elizabeth Taylor in 'Liz & Dick'
If this next bit of news is true, then one is quite happy.

TMZ reports that Lindsay Lohan is making music again, and was in a New York studio over the weekend “experimenting with various tracks”

If said tracks are anything like 2004’s Speak, I’m totally into it.  I didn’t love A Little More Personal (Raw) as much, but it didn’t put me off Lohan beats forever.

The Long Island native, who hasn’t signed with a label yet, has been taking notes from friends Lady Gaga and Max George from The Wanted, and is interested in electronic dance music.

Last night, Lohan attended the launch of “Just Sing It” karaoke app in New York City.