Kelly Rowland Got Engaged Via Skype

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It’s been a big couple of days for Beyoncé, but let’s take some time now to discuss Kelly Rowland, the occasional star of Beyoncé’s music videos and former member of Destiny’s Child, who is engaged to be married.

Actually, Rowland was engaged a couple years ago, but I guess no one thought to ask about it until just now? Presumably they were too busy asking her about Beyoncé and what Beyoncé acts like and what Beyoncé smells like and whatever else they wanted to know about Kelly Rowland’s far more famous friend Beyoncé.

As it turns out, Tim Witherspoon, Rowland’s betrothed/manager, proposed over Skype, Rowland admits during an upcoming appearance on The Queen Latifah Show. Which, okay, it sounds strange, but it seems a little close-minded to assume our ideals about love and romance are the same as Rowland’s. Perhaps it was an engagement over webcam that Rowland always dreamed of. Well, that, and stepping out of Beyoncé’s shadow.

Except, what’s this, Rowland confirmed the engagement by saying “he put a ring on it.” Oh, Kelly. Kelly, Kelly, Kelly. We get it, you know Beyoncé. Mazel tov.