‘Ahnold’ Helps Joe Manganiello Promote His New Book ‘Evolution’

Joe's Sexiest Looks
Joe Manganiello at his hottest!
Actor Joe Manganiello has been busy promoting his new fitness book by Joe Manganiello, Evolution: The Cutting Edge Guide to Breaking Down Mental Walls and Building the Body You’ve Always Wanted.

Yesterday, he got a little help from the original muscle man himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Joe tweeted:


Arnold joined Joe at his book signing at Barnes & Noble bookstore at The Grove yesterday (December 17, 2013) in Los Angeles, California, along with Joe’s trainer Ron Matthews.

Schwarzenegger recounts in the book’s foreword: “I immediately noticed Joe’s passion for health and fitness. Well, that isn’t true. First I noticed his huge arms and cannonball delts.”

While Joe is busy promoting his book, that is not the only thing that he’s got going on. He’s in the midst of locking picture and music on his feature directorial debut, the male-stripper documentary LaBare.

I’m all for the documentary, but what i really want to see is Joe in another Magic Mike movie.