Forever in Jennifer Lawrence's Shadow

Yesterday's Winners
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I mean, think about it. It's Jennifer Lawrence, the universally-adored, Oscar-winning, Tumblr goddess; even as another "famous person," do you really stand a chance? Bradley Cooper? More like Bradley WHOper! Jeremy Renner? Jeremy NEVER EVEN HEARD OF YOU MORE JENNIFER, PLEASE!

You can't have more Jennifer, but you can have today's hilarious winning captions:

"Jennifer: Did you just call me fat?
Bradley: I am going to pretend I didn't just hear that.
Jeremy: oh no" - Tabatha

"Lawrence: so yea the doctor said 72 hours before they remove the stick out of Bradley's ass..." - Sabrina

"Is this thing over yet? We all just wanna be at starbucks.." - Diane

"Jen: is this person for real?
Brad: mmm....I wonder if we should make a hangover 4
Jeremy: I don't even know what's going on right now" - Erica

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