Disney Princesses Replaced With Beyoncé, The ‘Perfume’ Director’s Cut, and Other Funny Things

We are less than a week away from Christmas, and Beyoncé has already given us the best gift of all time. No, I am not referring to her fantastic new album; I am referring to the slew of new Beyoncé memes that have hit the internet in the wake of her fantastic new album (and its revolutionary surprise release.) For example, BuzzFeed’s Jen Lewis made these wonderful “If Disney Princesses Were Replaced With Beyoncé” GIFs. (A few more below, and even more at the source!)  And now, as my Christmas gift to you, the rest of this week’s Celebrity Meme Roundup:

But those aren’t the only mémés of note:

Oh, man. What a wéék. Moving swiftly along from Beyoncé, let us all enjoy the official director’s cut of Britney Spears’ “Perfume” video. (Much better than the original, let’s be honest.)

Sad movie scenes + funny captions =

And, lastly, here’s a movie the whole family can enjoy on Christmas:

 That’s a wrap on this edition of Celebrity Meme Roundup, folks! It’s also a wrap on Celebrity Meme Roundup this year! Fret not, ‘cuz I’ll be back in 2014, bringing the lulz, as usual…