Lindsay Lohan Plans to Pen a Memoir by Her 30th Birthday

Lindsay Lohan’s only 27-years-old and she has more than enough stories for a lifetime.

But she wants to start with the first 30 years.

That’s because the actress is penning a tome about what everyone is sure to be clamoring to read… her storied life as a child star-turned-Hollywood starlet.

And it’s something she wants to accomplish just in time for her next big milestone.

“Lindsay wants to get a book out by the time she’s 30,” a source close to the star told Celebuzz. “It’s something she’s talked about for a while.”

Oprah’s OWN network cameras have been following the superstar since she left rehab in July as part of an 8-segment docu-series about how Lohan’s moving on with her life and career post-treatment. As part of the special, she was filmed meeting with uber-literary agency Waxman Leavall in NYC.

Although she wants to move forward with the tell-all writing process, there’s something holding her back.

“She’s gun-shy because her career isn’t where she’d like it to be,” added the source. “But she’s been doing a lot of writing lately, and a lot of creative projects and journaling is something she’s very passionate about. Most people would be surprised how much she writes.”

So what does the Mean Girls star hope to channel from pen to page?

“A lot about her passion to act and demons she’s struggling with,” added the source. “The memoir was something she wanted to put off for a bit, but is now something that seems more likely.”