Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman’s Miami Move Could Happen Sooner Rather Than Later

Simon Cowell’s house-hunting in The Sunshine State has been a success.

And, of course, the most exclusive nabe was on his list of Miami must-sees with baby mama Lauren Silverman in tow, CB! has learned.

“They were looking at a few houses on Star Island. But Lauren thinks it’s too much of the celebrity cliché,” a source told Celebuzz.

For those who aren’t familiar with the swanky enclave, as its name implies, Star Island has been home to the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Rosie O’Donnell, P.Diddy, Alex Rodriguez and Madonna, just to name a few.

But their browsing paid off. The couple, who’s expecting a son in February, found a Miami-area pad they both can agree on, according to the source.

Lauren’s parents live in the area so the cross-country move would mean Simon’s baby mama is closer to family (and a babysitter on speed dial).

But there’s also another reason that helped spur the big move.

“Lauren told Simon she doesn’t really like the idea that his ex decorated the house in Beverly Hills,” according to our source. “So that sparked the notion of moving. So Miami came up and they’d spend more of their time in there and London.

“And Simon’s done with L.A. He’s sort of miserable there because the ratings for X Factor have been low, so he’ll come back and forth for projects.”

We’re sure it also doesn’t help that Demi Lovato isn’t returning for a third season and it seems the future of the judging panel remains unclear.

But we digress.

As CB! previously reported, Simon hired his ex fiancée Mezhgan Hussainy to work her interior design magic on his three mansions in 90210.

But there’s no hard feelings between Simon’s ladies, past and present.

“Mezghan is really starting to come around,” added the source. “She really likes Lauren and approves of their relationship because Simon has always taken care of her.”

Just last month the NY Post reported that witnesses overheard the music mogul and his baby mama “talking about property [in Miami]… [and] the number of bedrooms they would need.”

Still, one huge hurdle to any move could be the custody agreement between Lauren and her ex-husbandAndrew Silverman, which reportedly states she can’t take their 7-year-old son Adam out of New York and that Simon can’t be around him (or face a hefty $50K penalty).