That Time Jennifer Lawrence’s Maid Found Her Butt Plugs

In a story dropped straight from clickbait heaven, last night America’s Prom Queen Jennifer Lawrence told Conan O’Brien a tale involving a hotel maid a “copious amount” of butt plugs and a very little bit of dignity.

To make a long story short, Lawrence happens to own more than a few butt plugs, which were given to her as a gag gift. In order to avoid embarrassment, Lawrence attempted to hide them from a hotel maid but the maid, who “knew what she was doing,” had other plans. The whole story sounds a lot like one of Miranda’s more interesting storylines on Sex and the City.

And because there’s apparently something in the water, Tom Hanks, who was Conan’s other guest last night, also told a very sexy story, this one about Disneyland’s Mile High Club:

We’ll just assume Beyoncé‘s got everyone hot and bothered.