Barron Hilton Shows Off His Wounds in Hawaii

Barron Hilton's Injuries
Barron Hilton shows of his wounds on Instagram.
What does one do after you’ve been beat up? Well, if you’re Barron Hilton you head to Hawaii for a little rest and relaxation with your girlfriend.

Hilton looked to be enjoying himself as he hit the water while doing some paddle boarding with his lady friend. You can see that Barron’s injuries from his altercation with one of Lindsay Lohan’s friends in Miami, that he is healing up nicely.

Barron got in to an altercation with Ray Lemoine at a house party in Miami on December 6, 2013.

No charges have been brought over the incident because Hilton hasn’t been been talking to police detectives.

The Miami Herald reports, “The victim in this case was very uncooperative at the scene, and continues to be uncooperative,” said MBPD spokesman Bobby Hernandez. “Detectives have been calling him since Friday, but he hasn’t been answering his phone and returning calls.”

It sounds pretty fishy to me.

Check out more pics of Barron, his wounds and lady friend in the gallery above.