Demi Lovato is Livid Over ‘X-Factor’ Drinking Joke

Demi Lovato Hearts Japan
Demi Lovato shows her support for Japan.
When you’ve have battles with alcohol and substance addition, you tend to have a low tolerance for drinking jokes, especially when they happen live on television during the season finale of your own show.

Well, that’s exactly what happened to Demi Lovato on last night’s finale of The X-Factor. The 21-year-old singer seemingly took offense to a skit that claimed she had been drinking “annoying juice.”

The skit featured digitally altered scenes of Demi drinking a green concoction called “annoying juice”, but the joke didn’t go down well with the former addict.

While the clip played, Demi was seen turning to her fellow X-Factor panelist Kelly Rowland and saying, “That’s fucked up”.

The clearly angry star was then asked by Mario Lopez what she thought of the tape, and replied through gritted teeth, “I think it’s very, very clear since I don’t drink anymore “Annoying Juice” has become my new drink and I love it because I get to annoy Simon [Cowell] with it.”

Lovato has decided to quit the show after two seasons so she can concentrate on her own music career.