Katy Perry and John Mayer Claim ‘Who You Love’ is More Authentic Than Kimye’s ‘Bound 2’

Perry & Mayer Dinner Date
See how the two spent their date night in NYC
Uh-oh. Someone is cruising for a Kanye West Twitter rant.

During a joint appearance with boyfriend John Mayer on The Ellen DeGeneres Show today (December 20, 2013), Katy Perry praised their new music video while dissing Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s recent collaboration video for “Bound 2.

Ellen asked Katy, “Was it your response to Kim and Kanye’s ‘Bound 2?'”

“Yes. I thought our response was a little bit more authentic because my hair was blowing in the right direction, though . . .” Perry joked.

The song appears on John’s latest album Paradise Valley and Katy thinks their relationship works so well because they have a mutual appreciation for music.

Perry told Ellen, “Yeah we have a lot of fun. You know, we have music as an understanding and love between each other and we connect and you know it’s like he understands what I do because he does the same thing. And so after a long day, if it’s been tough, I don’t really have to go into it, he just gets it. You know, so it’s nice with that understanding.”

It sounds like a match made in heaven.