Kris Jenner on Life After Separating From Bruce: “We Don’t Bicker As Much”

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Whoever says exes can’t be friends definitely aren’t referring to Kris and Bruce Jenner.

The Kardashian matriarch is opening up about their relationship post-separation — and being apart has made their relationship stronger.

“We’re great. He’s great and I’m great and we’re such good friends,” Kris told PEOPLE. “Sometimes people are just better apart and have better energy.”

So what are the upsides of living separate lives?

“We don’t bicker as much,” said the 58-year-old momager. “We were starting to sound like some old sitcom from the ’50s. I listened to myself and didn’t like me. Everyone is happier.

“The kids are great,” she continued, adding that although she and Bruce, 64, have been separated for two months, there’s no talk of divorce. “They notice the difference and how the energy in the house has shifted and how great everyone is.”

And that means an open door policy.

“Bruce came over last night because he just had to see the tree again! It’s really fun,” said Kris. “I get so excited during the holidays. I get excited when he’s coming over. We enjoy seeing each other more now.”