Beyonce Sticks It to Target, Drops $37,500 on Walmart Gift Cards

Bey's Pricey Dinner
Beyonce spent more than $2,000 on chicken.
Eat your heart out, Target.

After the superstore chain refused to sell her new self-titled albumBeyonce took her business — and money — somewhere else, dropping a boat load of cash at its competitor by giving out spending money to 750 of their customers.

Following her Dave and Busters album release party, the “XO” singer visited a Walmart in Tewksbury, Mass., and bought $37,500 worth of gift cards for shoppers. (That totals to $50 per head, for those slow on the math.)

Besides making it rain free Christmas dough like she’s Oprah, Mrs. Jay-Z also did a little shopping, picking up some toys — presumably for Blue Ivy — and a her copy of own album. You know, because she’s Beyonce and she can do whatever she wants it doesn’t hurt to add more sales to her No. 1 record.

Hey Bey, word has it that Amazon won’t be stocking your album either. Can you pay for my Prime account then?

Launch the gallery above to see photos from Bey’s Walmart trip.